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a short film by Reid Waterer.

2014 | 25 mins | US.

starring: Kevin Grant Spencer / Tom, Anthem Moss / Nikos, Orel de la Mota / Armando, Adam Huss / Rick, Danny Lopes / Sam and Alexis Radzvilowicz as Kate.

Official Synopsis: "Recently dumped Tom decides to take a Mediterranean group tour. Short of the money to get a double room just for himself, he is randomly assigned a roommate for the duration of the trip, a hot Greek guy named Nikos. Meanwhile, the group's cute tour guide Armando seems to be getting flirty. Gradually as he gets to know both, their sexiness, charm and ambiguity slowly drive Tom a bit crazy as he attempts to answer the age-old question: Gay or European?"

Dave says:-

There's a lush holiday feel to this, the latest short film from noted writer and director Reid Waterer of You Can't Curry Love fame, as openly gay Tom, ever wanting to see the world with the one by his side, finds himself having to room-share his Mediterranean tour with Athens based boy Nikos; a man who like himself has recently become a member of the single again club.

To be, or not to be: that is the question, in Foreign Relations.

To be, or not to be: that is the question, in Foreign Relations.

In short, this is but a play on the "is he or isn't he gay?" scenario, as Tom complete with a gaydar in dire need of repair, is seemingly unable to tell on which side of the sexual rainbow Nikos lies. Wrestling with his attraction to this shy-of-a-tan Greek man of mystery, aka Anthem Moss of Straight Story credit, a touching bromance develops between the two, as they come to confide in each other as their seven day tour takes in the scenic delights of Greece and Croatia. That their holiday guide and all-round cutie Orel de la Mota equally has the hots for Tom and here cue dashingly handsome, not to mention tall Kevin Grant Spencer in the role, is a seductive, if perhaps not that surprising subplot, that along with the frank sexual dialogue courtesy of screen lovers Danny Lopes, recently seen in Waterer's Performance Anxiety and Adam Huss of Is It Just Me? and The Brothers Sinclair fame, the latter being the promo that sadly never become a feature, nicely jolts the escapist narrative back to the reality of the situation.

Sure, the end result makes for a decidedly lightweight piece, yet that's all part of its charm, for like a thirst-quenching G&T on a hot summer day, this short is guaranteed to go down well, packed with a bevy of hunks in crotch-embracing Speedo styled trunks, together with some ever so tender lip-service for the boys, as rounded off with the requisite man-on-man sequence, here delivered fantasy fashion. And as for Nikos' true sexual orientation, well all is set to be revealed courtesy of a closing discussion on ... how you say, the American V the European way of "tackling your tackle," even if the short itself is somewhat coy in visually depicting the penile difference. Then again and laced with more picture postcard views of the idyllic Mediterranean shores than that of a tourist brochure, this is but a sexy, sun-kissed ode to romance, one that is certain to become a film festival favourite. Yet another pure delight from Waterer, goes without saying.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - the brief monty. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
World Premiere: at the Miami LGBT Film Festival, May 2014.
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