Look Sharp by Amy Gebhardt ›› Look Sharp

a short film by Amy Gebhardt.

2006 | 9 mins | Australia.

starring: Rhondda Findleton / Jo, David Lyons / Darren and Charlie Garber as Jason.

Official Synopsis: "After spending a drunken night together, Jo, a photographer, is compelled to capture the emotional truth beneath the rough exteriors of Sharpie gang members, Darren and Jason. But to what lengths will she go in the name of art?"

Dave says:-

For those who like their cinema with a bit of grit, then this psychological drama set within the Sharpie gang culture that was predominant in 1970s Melbourne, is worth checking out. Inspired by the lives of noted photographers Nan Goldin, Diane Arbus and Carol Jerrems and screened, amongst others, as part of the debut IRIS Prize International Film Festival in 2007, it plays like a one-scene piece; a theatrical element that is as emotionally intense, as it is in-your-face cinema.

To thy own self being true, in Look Sharp.

To thy own self being true, in Look Sharp.

Filmed over two days in an urban squalor set reminiscent of Derek Jarman's The Last of England, here writer and director Amy Gebhardt has added many a neat touch, with the bedsit now akin to a boxing ring, one that finds David Lyons as Darren / Des hitting out when forced into a corner. In short and behind all of the 4-Xs of the piece, lies the issue of repressed feelings, with Jo, splendidly played by Rhondda Findleton, determined to edge ever closer to the truth beneath the macho exterior of hard-as-nails gang member Des and here cue Lyons in an emotionally to the core performance.

Yet Gebhardt is equally hard at work, with the cinematography mirroring the photographic in focus / out of focus theme of the short, even if Jo's camera is but a tool to force hitherto suppressed emotions to the surface. True, not once is the sexuality of the two young men defined as gay. Yet it is the fear of to thy own self, being true that dominates this work; whether it be to your sexuality, or that of a hard man afraid to show his tender side, ever yearning for a caring touch. And more, perhaps?

Gay Visibility - covert. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
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