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Platero by Marco Berger ›› Platero

a short film by Marco Berger.

2010 | 14 mins | Argentina.

starring: Julio Graham / Walter, Mariano Contreras / Platero, Melanie Braggio Mejuto / Analía, Ayelen Berger / Carla, Matheo Chiriano / Esteban, Dolores Cano / the Mother, Luis Mango / the Father and Victor Anelli as Marcelo.

Synopsis: "Set on a hot summer day, when clothes are few in number and sex is seemingly on the mind of almost everyone present, this short film tells the story of Walter; a young man infatuated with his sister's boyfriend and a teenager crush that is set to take a new direction when he overhears his sister remark that object of desire Platero would "bang anything." But will he?"

Dave says:-

Having recently posted a review of Marco Berger's captivating tale of obsessive adoration, that is Absent, it seems appropriate to take a step back and pen a few words on one of his earlier works. Not that this is entirely his own; rather and as the title denotes, the feature Cinco is a compilation of five short films, by five different directors, all linked by the theme of sex; be it of times past, present or indeed as desired.

Berger's contribution to this cinematic anthology is the second of the five and in many ways it could have played on the same bill as the Sexual Tension series of erotic short films, given all of the sensuous attributes are on display; albeit with the obvious exception of full frontal nudity. That said, Berger's trademark style is already to be seen in all of its glory, as a bevy of naked torsos and swimwear present themselves in front of an ever voyeuristic camera. Yet even with Walter sneaking the odd glance or two at the male members of the group, you somehow feel that Berger is holding back on what could have been, the story ending at the point when it could have taken a number of interesting turns. The result is a work on the nature of desire and not just from Walter's direction, as another young man clearly has eyes on the girl of his best friend.

A young man's infatuation with his sister's boyfriend in Platero.

A young man's infatuation with his sister's boyfriend in Platero.

As for the odd comment or two on the balance of the shorts on offer; well here the word "strange" springs to mind, given the opening work Machines is soon to detail the techniques of oral sex, whilst the third short Fisheye takes time out to break into a transgendered "this is who I am" production number, before getting down to the sex of the story, even if the relationship between the two participants is left blowing in the wind. To F**k is literally that, as flashback scenes feature a naked couple getting it on, whilst the closing short Days Gone Black referring to power cuts, is in effect a story constructed around a bizarre sexual fantasy; office style. Platero is by far the most rewarding, given all of the ingredients of Marco Berger's cinematic style are present and correct, if in a somewhat raw fashion. As ever, see what you think.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 2+ stars. 
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