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a short film by Alberto Piedrabuena.

2012 | 16 mins | Spain.

starring: Raúl Muñoz-reja / Adrián, Alberto Piedrabuena / Andrés, Fernando Siruela / Alex, Javier Martín / Javi, Alejandro Hernández Bascón / José, José María Izaguirre / Héctor and Eva María Fernández as Eva.

Official Synopsis: "Men are as diverse as the colours of the metro lines in cities such as Madrid, witness to so many stories that are born, die and take place on ground level. Trains that pass by, trains that stop and continue, trains that don't arrive, and where the colours inevitably meet in diverse circumstances."

Dave says:-

Or to put it another way, here we find writer, actor and director Alberto Piedrabuena provide an opening analogy that equates men to the colours of the metro lines that run through the major cities of the world, lines that like life itself have a beginning and an end, along which our journey intersects with others, often with mixed blessings.

No surprise then to find that this is a work full of coincidences, life's intersections that form the backbone of a telling tale in which the question of "who's cheating on who?" is all too soon to arrive at a station, near you. Only and as with many a short film, to say more would be a spoiler. What can be added is that Piedrabuena delights in showcasing a plethora of emotions and here cue Piedrabuena himself in the role of a man who knows that his relationship is all but over, to that of a loving couple in which the word "devotion" is but their middle name.

Trains that pass in the night in 6 is not a colour.

Trains that pass in the night in 6 is not a colour.

In short, this vibrant short achingly charts the rollercoaster of human relationships; from the joyous highs of love, to the bitter lows of two hearts that once beat as one. Well played throughout, the result I dare say is an all too true picture of life. And with scenes of man-on-man lip-service included, it's a "proud to be gay" picture of life too, wonderfully captured in just over sixteen minutes. It's also and whether by design or courtesy of "the intersections of life," a bear lovers delight! Say no more, other than a big thank you to Alberto Piedrabuena for providing the first FreeView of 2014. As ever, see what you think.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
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