The In-Between by Alain Hain ›› The In-Between

a short film by Alain Hain.

2010 | 10 mins | US.

principal players: Danny Bernardy / Jared, Brian Patacca / Robert, Sharon Batten / Eve and with Derek Allen Watson as Scott and Jason Tam as Trevor.

Official Synopsis: "Jared has found his first live-in boyfriend, but begins to suspect that the man he is in love with isn't as faithful as he would hope. Has his paranoia got the better of him, or are his instincts dead on?"

Dave says:-

Based on a series of all too true stories, this, the second in a trilogy of telling works is akin to an acute dissertation on love, monogamy and if anything, the cheating ways of many a man, regardless of their sexual orientation. And it's beautifully played, visually carrying the story of two lovers, only for one to become increasingly aware that his partner could well be playing away from home. For it is now that things turn serious, when and in as much as it is a game for the cheating partner not to get caught, it becomes a game for Mr Monogamy to find the evidence that would backup his suspicions. Only does he really want to know?

In short, here we find director Alain Hain continue his exploration of the lives of gay men living in New York City, as previously seen in his short Curious Thing; one that tested the boundaries of a bromance styled friendship. The result is a work that mirroring the prior documentary fashioned format, makes use of a series of voiceovers that relate the thoughts of those interviewed, making for an all too poignant insight into the reality of a love blind to the cheating ways of another. And here cue writer Jason Mills achingly real narrative that goes out of its way to detail character changes, as a suspicious mind enters the equation to turn a meaningful relationship into a form that it was not meant to be.

Your cheating heart will tell on you in The In-Between.

Your cheating heart will tell on you in The In-Between.

Complete with a sensuous opening, this perceptive piece has a lot going for it, even if I dare say that for some the subject itself will make for an all too painful experience. Yet this is a work that equally illustrates how small a city can be, when your one-night stand could turn up in the same bar as you and your boyfriend, the day after the night before. Remarkably honest, goes without saying.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
›› available on DVD as part of the Guest House Films catalogue - 'Blue Briefs ' release: 26.June.2012 / US. ‹‹
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