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a promo by Ronny Jay.

2011 | 14 mins | US.

principal players: Steven Helmkamp / Scott, Mike Manning / Jeffrey, Kody Corduan / Luke Pico, Adam Huss / Tony Calypso, Stanley Ullman / Don "Max" Calypso, Marty York / Guido Calypso, Jay Bingham / Vinnie Calypso and with Jennifer Bassey as Vivian Sinclair.

the gym cuties: Justin Price, Peter Calandra, Israel Korn, James Van Hess, Cuyle Carvin and Carlos Valverde.

Adapted Synopsis: "Gay brothers Scott and Jeffrey cannot believe their luck when they inherit their Uncle's business; a private men's gym in Manhattan. Only not everything is as it appears, given all the club members are straight and their silent partner happens to be the Mob. Yet with Cupid's arrow ever present, will the brothers find themselves in love come the close of play, or taking a long walk on a short plank?"

Dave says:-

To be, or not to be: that is the question and it certainly is when it comes to Ronny Jay's The Brothers Sinclair, a title that to be frank I'm not exactly sure is still on course to be made, or for that matter will ever be made into the intended feature that it was meant to be.

And that's a shame, as writer and director Ronny Jay has done well here, with the all-male gym angle ripe for the sensuous taking, the gay mafia set-up (the Calypso boys are more interesting in cooking, Martha Stewart and manflesh, than racketeering) fresh and vibrant and the whole package upbeat and well, just plain fun in that tongue-in-cheek, kind of way.

The Brothers Sinclair in The Brothers Sinclair.

The Brothers Sinclair in The Brothers Sinclair.

It's also well played to a romcom tee and here cue Jeffrey (Mike Manning of eCupid note) finding himself falling for the charms of club member Luke Pico; a soap opera star whose sexual orientation is open to question, whilst sibling Scott is getting to know Mafia man Tony Calypso, (Adam Huss of Is It Just Me? fame) a little too close, wishing to be literally - in bed with the Mob and here the classic "is that a pistol you're packin' or are you just happy to see me?" line has never been more apt.

The Brothers Calypso in The Brothers Sinclair.

The Brothers Calypso in The Brothers Sinclair.

Intercut with cast interviews as links to scenes AWOL, let alone a bevy of buffed-to-perfection cuties more often than not out of their trunks, than in them, this is a promo that can only leave you yearning for more. But will there be more? Or could this be yet another case of Verona? Namely, a short that longed to be the feature, it never was. I dare say that time will tell folks, but here's the promo for what may or may not be :)

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
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