X Confident by Paul Bartholomew Baker ›› X Confident

a short film by Paul Bartholomew Baker.

2013 | 11 mins | US.

principal players: Pardora Boxx aka Michael Steck / Iris, I Elijah Baughman / Fred, Shelby Stockton / Amanda, Timothy Sash Carl / Supervisor, William McMichael / the Hot Guy and Emily Donn as the Secretary.

Official Synopsis: "Iris is the hot new temp that everyone loves, except one co-worker wants her secret exposed."

Dave says:-

Ever showcasing the sexual diversity of life, here writer and director Paul Bartholomew Baker proudly plays the theme from a notably different perspective when compared to his earlier "a boy and his doll" sweet short, that is Andie.

For in a work that cannot help but bring a big smile to your face, here we find Baker deliberately shooting his short clandestine fashion at first, careful to conceal the identity of the new girl in town, that is before face-to-camera shots come to reveal the transgendered nature of the narrative. Not that it arrives as a surprise, given we're already aware of the sexual setup of the piece, well before post-it notes start to appear to officially signal the act itself. Thankfully the whole scenario is delightfully played tongue-in-cheek style by one and all and in particular by the fabulicious Pardora Boxx aka Michael Steck of RuPaul's Drag Race fame, who excels as the temp that (almost) everyone loves at TRNS; surely there's an A in there?

Will she be exposed? in X Confident.

Will she be exposed? in X Confident.

Yet to say more, would be a spoiler. What can be said is that and like many a good short, Baker leaves you yearning for more and all I can say is - someone, give that girl a feature! A pure delight.
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
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