Andie by Paul Bartholomew Baker ›› Andie

a short film by Paul Bartholomew Baker.

2011 | 7 mins | US.

principal players: Mason Davis / Andrew (Andie), Veronica Valencia / Andrew's Mother, Owen Swanson / Bully #1, Joshua James Baker / Bully #2, Joel Baker / Bully #3 and Vivian Owens as Emma.

Adapted Synopsis: "When Andie is made to go to summer camp, can a boy and his doll be so easily parted?"

Dave says:-

There's a beauty and simplicity to this short film, that frankly charms. And this has a lot to do with Mason Davis, who as Andie delivers a beautifully natural performance throughout. It is one that writer and director Paul Bartholomew Baker of X Confident fame wonderfully captures, juxtaposing the love that a young boy has for his Barbie-like doll, with the harsh reactions by others to his liking.

Sure this is a short, short. Yet within its limited time frame some neat touches are to be found, with Veronica Valencia as Andie's mother forever preaching the "boys don't play with dolls" message, along the way underlying society's preoccupation with the masculine / feminine traits of youth, in a sweet story that played from Andie's perspective, touches on friendship and if anything, the innocence of childhood.

Just a boy and his doll in Andie.

Just a boy and his doll in Andie.

Indeed, in many ways here I'm reminded of the Amnon Buchbinder feature Whole New Thing and the now classic line - who says you have to choose? Be it sexuality, gender or as here, dolls V action men. Simply heart-warming.
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
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