The Pool Date by Patrick Sisam ›› The Pool Date

a short film by Patrick Sisam.

2012 | 6 mins | Canada.

starring: Mike Beaver as Nigel and Adamo Ruggiero as Rio.

Official Synopsis: "A young Canadian man on holiday in Rio de Janeiro has a surprising encounter around the hotel pool, a moment that is filled with desire, curiosity and acceptance."

Dave says:-

Wonderfully played without a single spoken word, well almost, this lush work is but a variation on a theme, namely the tale of two people from differing worlds forced to share the same space and here cue Rayke Verhoeven's 1988 short Boeuf Bourgignon, Adam Davidson's b/w 1989 short The Lunch Date together with Andrew Florio's updated outing of the same name, being but three examples of the setup.

Only here the polar opposites of rich / poor, if not black / white, give way to gay / straight orientations, let alone dissimilar forms of the human physique. Yet this is more than just a cinematic sermon on contrasts, as here the narrative beautifully examines the themes of intimacy, social interaction, if not the very nature of presumption itself. Along the way, co-writer and director Patrick Sisam and by no surprise, takes full advantage of the poolside location to showcase a bevy of beefcake, for the boys.

Care for a drink? in The Pool Date.

Care for a drink? in The Pool Date.

Produced as part of the bravoFACT series of short films and set to a vibrant Spanish styled lilt, this way too short, a short is all but over before you know it. But not before a leaf signals the true meaning of the tale. And yes, that is Adamo Ruggiero of Degrassi and Make the Yuletide Gay fame as the hot poolside cutie. Say no more, apart from the word - delightful.

Gay Visibility - covert. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
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