Romeo's Kiss by Julien Eger ›› Romeo's Kiss - Le baiser

a short film by Julien Eger.

2007 | 12 mins | France.

starring: Florent Arnoult / Thomas, Matila Malliarakis / Jérémie, Héloïse Adam / Cécile and Didier Tournan as Le Professeur.

Synopsis: "When his sister Cécile has to exit stage left during rehearsals for a school production of a modern interpretation of the Shakespearean classic Romeo and Juliet, her brother Thomas reluctantly takes her place, speaking her lines during the sensuous "let lips do what hands do" scene. Only when it comes to the kiss itself, just who exactly is kissing by the book?"

Dave says:-

Sweet 'n' simple perfectly sums up this short film from co-writer and director Julien Eger. Yet it also marks an early screen appearance by Matila Malliarakis, of late of Beyond the Walls and the acclaimed French supernatural series The Returned fame.

Let lips do what hands do in Romeo's Kiss.

Let lips do what hands do in Romeo's Kiss.

Only Malliarakis is not the star of the show. Rather that credit falls to Florent Arnoult, who here beautifully conveys the mixed emotions of a shy teenager yearning for the boy of his dreams, that of his stage Romeo aka Jérémie, if somewhat hesitant to initially go where his heart is telling him, opting instead to fantasize about the actor in front of him. And here I love the fact that Matila Malliarakis as the Romeo of the piece has no objection to his Juliet becoming Julian aka Thomas; after all it's called acting, when a kiss is just a kiss - try telling that to some of Hollywood's A-listers, my friends. Say no more, other than the word - delightful.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 
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