Men to Kiss by Robert Hasfogel ›› Men to Kiss - Männer zum Knutschen

a film by Robert Hasfogel.

2012 | 84 mins | Germany.

principal players: Frank Christian Marx / Ernst, Udo Lutz / Tobias, Alexandra Starnitzky / Uta, Sascia Haj / Steffi, Marcus Lachmann / Rutila, Dominik Djialieu / Kurt, Luise Schnittert / Grundel, Ades Zabel / Edith, Stefan Kuschner / Hermann, Marc Bluhm / Paul, the brother and Nina Queer as Herself.

cameo appearances by Andre Schneider and Marcel Schlutt as Alex and Leo.

Adapted Synopsis: "Unsure if love of his life Tobias takes their relationship as seriously as he does, Ernst's doubts are about to intensify, thanks to the re-appearance of his one-time best friend Uta. Only this is a girl with an ulterior motive in play, determined to break the loving pair apart, a plan that forces Tobias to set in motion an increasingly out of control series of events aimed at keeping his man and along the way, bidding Uta Auf Wiedersehen."

Dave says:-

You know romantic comedies have a hard time; so often slated, few achieve cinematic gold and yet many have a series of beautifully timed comical asides that delight. And this is no exception, for whilst the comedy and by no surprise gets increasingly farcical, the whole scenario is played with such zeal by one and all, that OTT acts of madness cannot help but bring a smile to your face.

Then again, the comedy is not so much courtesy of a double act, but more of a triple act, with Frank Christian Marx as Ernst the and dare I say "straight man" of the comical set, leaving Udo Lutz as bubbly, ever cheerful Tobias and Alexandra Starnitzky as his nemesis to go head to head for comedy gold, one that sees Starnitzky all but steal the show, as the psycho bitch from hell.

Don't go breaking my heart in Men to Kiss.

Don't go breaking my heart in Men to Kiss.

Told in flashback and intercut with picture postcard views of Berlin, including the noted 100-foot "Molecule Man" sculpture by US artist Jonathan Borofsky, together with shots of New York, Broadway fashion, there's a lot to be said of this feature, remarkably director Robert Hasfogel's debut, one that thankfully lives up to its name, given there's some sensuous kissing going on here, as man-on-man lip-service gives way to acts of naked passion, being a sure case of opposites attract; "Ernie and Tobi" style.

A girl with an ulterior motive in Men to Kiss.

A girl with an ulterior motive in Men to Kiss.

Sure, a few negatives can be found in the mix, including a number of lines that don't quite work, together with a DVD promo UK sleeve that is somewhat misleading, given the middle figure of Marcel Schlutt, alongside Andre Schneider have but cameo-like roles, here reprising their prior Alex and Leo personas. Bottom line: filled with oddball characters and a real sense of quirkiness throughout, this is but a screwball delight. Yet it is also a gay love story, showcasing the lengths that one man will go to keep the love of his life. And just for the record, hardcore actor Schlutt of Locked Up fame keeps his clothes on throughout - sorry boys.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
›› available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue: 10.June.2013 / UK. ‹‹
dedicated to Adelgunde and Barbara.
Copyright 2013 David Hall -
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