Only Always You by Anthony Aguiar ›› Only Always You

a short film by Anthony Aguiar.

2012 | 9 mins | US.

starring: Brandon Rogers, Andy Florian and Baily Hopkins.

Official Synopsis: "Sometimes love can be sketchy, as a young man spends his time drawing sketches and daydreaming of the life, he wishes to have."

Dave says:-

Long time no FreeView my side and apologies for that, my friends. That said and with the summer sunshine finally here or perhaps not depending on where you live, it's time for something warm and upbeat. And this delectable short film from writer and director Anthony Aguiar is certainly that, arriving like a breath of romantic air on a hot day in June.

Sweet 'n' tender to the extreme, this is but gay escapism served on a cinematic plate. Yet there's nothing wrong with that, as we come to witness the telling eye movements of a young artist, sketching his desires on paper, forever daydreaming about the man in front of him, that of his Mr Fantasy.

Fantasies never die in Only Always You.

Fantasies never die in Only Always You.

Remarkably shot in two days, the result and here cue Aguiar's framed to perfection cinematography, somewhat belies the fact of its "almost no budget" production. For like many a short of late, this is a work that wonderfully exemplifies the art of silent storytelling, with the lush score mirroring the emotions of the piece, along the way switching from colour to monochrome as the bittersweet reality of life, hits home. Yet fantasies never die. For with the summer sunshine glistening on faces, this is a beautifully played short that is sure to bring a smile to your face, one that has Brandon Rogers cast as the polar opposite of his girl stalker character in Casey de Fremery's short Walking with Strangers, forever letting his eyes do the talking. As ever, see what you think, with special thanks to Anthony Aguiar for showcasing his festival short online.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
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