Together by James Cook ›› Together

a short film by James Cook.

2011 | 22 mins | UK.

starring: Lucas Hansen / David, Ben Owora / Mark and Stuart Evans as the Psycho.

Official Synopsis: "One month after moving in together David and Mark come home to find a key in the lock of their front door. They check the house and it all seems clear, until they slowly start to realize that they are not alone."

Dave says:-

Don't be fooled by the cosy publicity still of two men in love, for this is anything but your standard gay short. Rather this is a piece that finds writer and director James Cook luring you in with the look of love, only to pull the romantic carpet from below your feet, as the scenario quickly turns into events of a decidedly dark nature.

Only to say more, would be a spoiler. What can be said is that it's brilliantly executed from start to finish, with Cook carefully placing his characters within full view, if somewhat misdirected by way of steadicam action and here cue the splendid cinematography of Simon Bell, work that is perfectly complimented by a chilling score from Mark Todd. Staged for the main part as a two-man play, it is here that Lucas Hansen and Ben Owora wonderfully showcase the diverse emotions that befit a menacing narrative that twists and turns its way through shades of light, to dark.

when to be in love is not to be alone in Together

Gloriously gay to the core, including a sensual scene of same-sex love making, the result is a short film that in telling its tale day of the week fashion, equates to quality filmmaking from Cook and co-producer Karen Taylor, all of which makes their eagerly awaited debut feature The Definition of Me something to look out for. Yet this is also one of the few works that takes in the magnificent architectural splendour found in the locations of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, an English backdrop that few take advantage of, apart that is from television's Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope - naturally.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 
›› available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film: Youth in Trouble' release: 29.April.2013 / UK. ‹‹
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