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a short film by Roland Javornik.

2012 | 13 mins | Belgium.

Set in the fictitious city of Hasaluth somewhere between 1948 and 1958, this lush production intertwines the poetic themes of rejection, temptation and bullying, into a short neo noir, comprising:-

Will You Cover My Retreat.

starring: Roisin Coenen as Tess and Sabrina De Cuypere as Yasmin.
narrated by radio presenter Nathalie Delporte.
A stormy night in a neon lit city. When a sudden rainstorm surprises classy Yasmin, she seeks refuge at the aquarium. As she takes a seat next to Tess, a long suppressed passion flares up. Yet Yasmin has a secret.

At the Bar.

starring: Youssef Joumani as Kwint and Ruben Slechten as Yann.
narrated by André Sollie / author of the book Nooit gaat dit over upon which the film North Sea Texas is based.
A couple of blocks away from the aquarium in an anonymous bar, young and confident Yann is enjoying an evening of drinking and music, when his attention is drawn to timid Kwint. A game of attraction and rejection starts. But who is playing who?

A Motionless Explosion.

starring: Jonas Leupe as Eli and Steff Nellis as "Ettertje" / the "brat."
narrated by actor Mark Tijsmans.
Fifteen-year-old Eli is bullied in school for his homosexuality. Enough is enough. But no-one can hear his motionless explosion.

Dave says:-

Pushing the boundaries of gay cinema, director Roland Javornik has created a wondrous work shot entirely in front of a blue screen, adding animated backgrounds thereafter. What's more, he's made his short film available as a FreeView, so that it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Yet what is on view is more than just an inventive piece of gay celluloid. For what cuts through here is Javornik's meticulous attention to detail; from the stylish pro-gay opening credits to its emotive score, to the striking animated graphics courtesy of the digital compositions of Felix Van der Hallen, right down to the narration itself, as based on three rainbow coloured poems that are read here by three Belgium out 'n' proud celebrities.

Nice to see you in Motionless Explosions.

Nice to see you in Motionless Explosions.

Yet and in as much as the first two stories are beautifully executed, with Will You Cover My Retreat and At the Bar wonderfully charting the tentative steps of a possible and respective lesbian / gay relationship, with the latter surprisingly complete with a dance segment in the midst of all of the side glances and nervous looks that capture true-to-life fashion a gay man's exploratory introduction to the cabaret scene, it is the third and title tale that cuts to the core. Given A Motionless Explosion acutely details the emotional consequences of homophobic bullying, pent-up feelings that are literally set to explode.

Gloriously creative throughout, frankly I have nothing but praise for this exquisite, art personified piece. Simply beautiful.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 
for a fascinating insight as to "how the digital compositor did it" - check out:-
official website:
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