a film by Matthew Smith
2013 | 88 mins | US
›› Out in the Open
a wondrous celebration of being open with your sexuality.
Out in the Open by Matthew Smith
Adapted Synopsis:-

Aimed for the at risk LGBTQF youth across the world, as well as their families, friends and teachers, this rewarding documentary wonderfully showcases the fact that no single person is the same and that all people should be celebrated.

Cross-cut with a series of interviews with Out in the Open celebrities, politicians and everyday allies; both straight and gay, these figures discuss how they coped with stereotypes attached to sexual orientation, by sharing personal experiences of coming to terms with their sexuality.
Out in the Open by Matthew Smith
Dave Says:-

There's a big heart to this insightful and lovingly produced film, that of a pulsating beat of gay pride that can be heard throughout as a myriad of names, some famous, others now more so, vividly recount recollections of the coming out process, or alternatively their unconditional support for those walking the rainbow coloured path. True and as somewhat expected, director Matthew Smith, together with his boyfriend Solly Hemus feature heavily in this work, given the production is courtesy of Matt's own company. Yet this is not a criticism, given both have touching, if at times alarming stories to tell, with Matt's commitment to the cause worthy of a gold medal in itself.

Yet Matt would not be alone on the podium. As standing alongside him would be everyone associated with this project and in particular those whose coming out stories form its cinematic backbone, one that here acutely illustrates the two-edged sword that is the coming out experience. And yes, tales from the negative side are all but heartbreaking, given the immense emotional and mental torment that rejection by the ones you love, all too often found alongside verbal abuse, can bring. Yet this remains an uplifting piece, overflowing as it is with an abundance of love. Not that Smith is blind to the dark side of life, having intercut his work with heart-wrenching testaments of sexual molestation, suicidal acts, let alone the ever emotive subject of religious and homosexual union.

Only for all of the topics raised, here I'm reminded of Barack Obama's second inaugural address and his moving words that "our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law - for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well." Pertinent prose indeed, given what this documentary makes crystal clear is that those who are courageously fighting for equality still have a long way to go, in a country in which the number of States in America in which an employee can be legally terminated solely on account of their sexual orientation, far outweighs the relatively few States in which a same-sex couple can be legally married.

Complete with a number of mockumentary styled PSA sequences that personally speaking I could have done without, given the interview based narrative speaks for itself, this nevertheless marks a wondrous celebration of being open with your sexuality, gorgeously interlaced with a string of contributions from celebrity faces of the like of Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis, actors Eric and Eliza Roberts, Broadway star Josh Strickland, right down to TV's very own Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Carson Kressley. Yet the words that stay with me long after the end credits have rolled belong to Matt's loving mother who so poignantly said: "it's heartening to see people having the courage to be who they are and I think that's a really healthy thing." And it is too. Only our journey is far from over. All of which underlines the need for diversity education for the youth of today, so that the youth of tomorrow will be free to live and love legally, as sexual equals. Amen, to that brother.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the Breaking Glass Pictures catalogue: 29.January.2013 / US.
featuring Matthew Smith and Solly Hemus, with contributions from:-
Hunter Chapman,
Lamar Billups,
Ben Milliken,
Scott Upston,
Cassandra Church,

Amasha Alexander Scott,
Carson Kressley,
Cleo Anderson,
Daniel Hernandez,
Daryl Parker,
Rev. Dave Stambaugh,
Deanna Psilopoulos,
Deandre Randolph,
Derek Washington,
Dijon Hawkins,
Eliza Roberts,
Eric Roberts,
Genna Walsh,
Greg Louganis,
James Healey,
Jane Hemus,
Janella Lacson,
Jarika Smith,
Jason Somerville,
Jeniffer Olson,
Josh Strickland,
Keaton Simons,
Kira Smith,
Lex Kennedy,
Mark Morales,
Melanie Cuesto,
Michael Ferrera,
Michael Sorensen,
Mike Hemus,
Miranda Foster,
Neva Smith,
Patrick Burke,
DJ Paul V,
Shaka Walker,
Sharita Roberts,
Sofia Rose Smith,
Steven Kalocinski,
Tiffany Pappas,
Tracy Skinner,
Venessa Selbst.
narration by Chris Haynes.
The Trevor Project US Helpline
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