a short film by Glen Wood
2011 | 7 mins | Canada
›› In the Light
in the light of the morning, after the night before.
In the Light by Glen Wood
Adapted Synopsis:-

Two men wake up disoriented after a passionate one-night stand. Now having been physically intimate, they are set to discover how to be emotionally honest with each other, and in turn, themselves.

Dave Says:-

Build upon a solid foundation of opposites and not just when the drunken acts of the night before, give way to the sober reality of daylight, here we find first time director Glen Wood, alongside writer Danijel Margetic weave a seductive tale by notably juxtaposing the opposing ends of the relationship spectrum.

Yet what truly shines throughout is the natural interplay between the two men, given blonde cutie David Light is every inch the "at ease" gay man of the piece, hoping for a sexual reprise before morning coffee, only to find his cinematic daddy, aka small screen, big name Paulino (The Firm) Nunes, searching instead for the exit sign, along with his clothes.

Wonderfully capturing the awkwardness of the morning after the night before and complete with the odd strategically placed camera angle or two, this well-executed short on life's sexual yearnings, in poignantly playing with the term "in the light (of day)," will no doubt bring a "got the T-shirt" smile to many a face.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - bare-arsed cheek. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
starring: Paulino Nunes as John and David Light as Zack.
In Memoriam - Jim Murphy.
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