a film by Patrik-Ian Polk
2012 | 100 mins | US
›› The Skinny
a sexy slice of New York life.
The Skinny by Patrik-Ian Polk
Adapted Synopsis:-

One year after their graduation from Brown University, young, black and out 'n' proud buddies Magnus, Kyle, Joey and virginal in more ways than one Sebastian, together with their lesbian best friend Langston, arrange to meet for four days of Pride styled fun in the City so good, they named it twice.

Yet in spite of relaxing in each other's company the way old friends do, tensions are soon to surface, as drink, drugs and rampant promiscuity are destined to put their friendship, even lives, at risk.
The Skinny by Patrik-Ian Polk
Dave Says:-

Joyously cutting straight to the gay goods from the onset, this sensuous story has a lot going for it. Then again, perhaps this is of little surprise, with Patrik-Ian Polk of Noah's Arc fame at the directorial helm and a lot more helms besides.

True, some may view this as nothing other than a more adult, cue the soundtrack, extension of the Noah's Arc format, laced as it is with a number of stock characters, including Anthony Burrell as sex magnet Kyle and Jussie Smollett as unlucky in love Magnus; namely the best friend that all gay men should have.

Yet look closer and you'll see that this is far from your standard storyline, in that and whilst the film focuses on the lives of a close-knit group of friends doing the rounds of clubs 'n' drugs and the ever dramatic, if increasingly OTT developments in their assorted love lives, in reality Polk has gone out of his way to touch upon some serious issues, think AIDS awareness, let alone the bare facts of anal hygiene. That a sex education angle in a fictional feature is a narrative tightrope to walk, goes without saying. But such is the way that Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman as sexual-know-it-all, if curiously shy boy Joey, delivers the underlying sermon, that facts for the boys flow with the natural rhythm of the piece, in a work in which the bond between the core quintet of characters is gloriously vibrant from start to finish, as each individual is shown struggling with their emotional trials and tribulations; be it for friendship, for love or well, just sex.

Overflowing with a seemingly never ending parade of buffed to perfection cuties stripped down, if not out of their shorts, intercut with scenes shot at New York's celebrated Gay Pride and complete with a set of cameo appearances from and by no surprise, a number of Noah's Arc faces, including Wilson Cruz as a local doctor and even Noah / Darryl Stephens himself, frankly what's not to like? Yes, it's heavy on PSA styled info, but given the startling rise in HIV / AIDS within the US African-American community, that's a message that cannot be said loud enough. And whilst a few negatives are to be found, including a glaring narrative concern that to say more would be a spoiler, any film that delivers the safe sex message is to be applauded. And deliver it singer, songwriter and filmmaker Polk proudly does, in this sexy slice of New York life, that's seductively entertaining throughout. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - the side monty. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 

›› Available to buy from Amazon.com.
available on DVD as part of the Breaking Glass Pictures catalogue: 18.December.2012 / US.
principal players: Jussie Smollett / Magnus, Blake Young-Fountain / Sebastian, Anthony Burrell / Kyle,
Shanika Warren-Markland / Langston, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman / Joey, Dustin Ross / Ryan,
Jennia Fredrique / Samantha and Robb Sherman as Junot.
cameo appearances by Wilson Cruz as a Doctor and Darryl Stephens as a Nurse.
dedicated to the memory of Whitney Elizabeth Houston: 1963 2012.
official website:
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