a film by Brian Sloan
2005 | 102 mins | US
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a profound work on the day that America will never forget
WTC View by Brian Sloan Showing his versatility as both a writer and director, Brian Sloan of I Think I Do fame moves from romantic comedy to the bloody reality of terrorism. Yet in documenting the horrific attack on New York's World Trade Centre, Sloan opts to relate the events of September 11th, 2001 not by way of graphical intensity; rather through the intimate recollections of a diverse group of people.

Such a ploy is one that is all the more personal, given that the scenario of an online advertisement for a "2BR SoHo Share" placed the day before, is based on Sloan's real life 9/10 ad and subsequent "potential roommate" encounters. Only here, the interviewees come in contact with Eric, namely a man traumatised by what he saw that day to a far greater degree than what he will admit to his best friend Josie (Elizabeth Kapplow), or for that matter to himself.

WTC View by Brian Sloan And if all this sounds like a film that sounds like a play, then no surprise to learn that's how it began, premiered in 2003 at the New York International Fringe Festival. Sure, signs of its stage origin are clearly visible, but it is no less effective, given Sloan has kept both cast and for the main part text intact, including Nick Potenzieri's (Alex in the story) moving I saw it "coming down into this insane cloud" monologue, words that mirror the experience of Eric, now in a state of physical and mental breakdown, paranoid about sirens and a virtual recluse in an apartment that days earlier came with a great WTC view.

With a striking pre Ugly Betty performance from Michael Urie in the lead role, Sloan has packed more heartfelt emotion into a limited budget, than a series of no expense spared productions. And whilst we have a set of transition effects to relate interviewees heard but not seen, this is still captivating cinema, as each would-be roommate casually chats about this or that, before taking to the spare room spotlight to tell their own 9/11 story. The result is one of the most rewarding gay films to play the indie circuit in years. A profound work that speaks volumes on hope in the face of fear, in the aftermath of the day that America and for that matter the world, will never forget.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 

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available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue: 21.July.2008 / UK.
starring: Michael Urie, Nick Potenzieri, Lucas Papaelias, Michael Linstroth,
Elizabeth Kapplow, Jay Gillespie and Jeremy Beazlie.
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