conceived by Robert Schrock
staged and choreographed for the screen by Troy Christian
2007 | 95 mins | US
›› Naked Boys Singing!
a movie musical about nudity.
Naked Boys Singing! by Robert Schrock and Troy Christian In a movie musical that is all about nudity, here the Schrock / Christian boys delight in giving you exactly what it says on the label, given the entire feature is filled from stage left to stage right with, well - naked boys singing!

Or rather naked boys miming, for where you could hide theatrical mics and battery packs is anyone's guess. Thus and like any stage show it all comes down to the quality of the production and here cue the music, sets, lighting, chorography and dare I say, costume design. Thankfully performance wise, the cast give the material their all, singing and dancing their way through a mix of styles that range from the country and western inspired "Nothing but the Radio On," through to a Gilbert & Sullivan themed oratorio about penises, appropriately entitled "Members Only." Only the comic joviality of such songs as "The Naked Maid" and "Perky Little Porn Star" is countered with the AIDS related number "Kris, Look What You've Missed," a sombre reminder that this show is gay to the core and none more so than in the ode to same-sex love "Window to Window."

That the fun-filled atmosphere of the original theatrical show remains intact is no mean feat given its tight shooting schedule; four days on paper, two and a half days in reality. All of which cannot help but make you wonder just what the Schrock / Christian boys could have produced, had they been allowed more time to fine-tune the whole toe-tapping experience.

That said, the cast of ten talented players inject the songs with just the right degree of tongue-in-cheek humour, essential to make a show of this nature work, as clothes come off as frequently as they come on. Yet once you get accustomed to the "Gratuitous Nudity" on display and you soon do, what is left is in effect, a song and dance show. And the fact that these boys CAN sing and dance kind of makes you wish, or is this just me, that they had kept their clothes on at times, given not all of the production numbers warrant nudity, even if every conceivable excuse to disrobe is seemingly on hand and here think circumcision, masturbation, let alone the requisite shower scene. Suffice to say, these boys keep you entertained and in more ways, than one. Need more be said?

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - the copious full monty. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
Overture | Gratuitous Nudity | The Naked Maid | The Bliss of Bris | Window to Window | Fight the Urge
Nothin' but the Radio On | Jack's Song | Robert Mitchum | Members Only | Perky Little Porn Star
Kris, Look What You've Missed | Muscle Addiction | The Entertainer
Window to Window - reprise | Naked Boys Singing!
available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing US catalogue December.2007.
cast: Andrew Blake Ames, Jason Currie, Jaymes Hodges, Joseph Keane, Anthony Manough,
Ethan Le Phong, Joe Souza, Kevin Stea, Salvatore Vassallo and Vincent Zamora.
official website:
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