a short film by Jarrah Gurrie
2006 | 5 mins | US
›› Cabalerno
a tender tale of adolescent infatuation.
Cabalerno by Jarrah Gurrie A hunky skateboarder practicing his backflip routine becomes the object of desire of a video obsessed teenager in this sweet take on emerging sexuality, as set in New York's Lower East Side.

For here it's a case of be careful what you point and indeed where you point it, a fact that this gay teen has still to learn when he gets caught in the act, prompting the man of his dreams to take hold of his camera and playback the footage, one that shows just what is truly on this gay teenís heart and mind. With his teenage crush now out in the open, it would appear that all is lost. Or is it? For could Mr Hunk offer a ray of homosexual sunshine in our boys' direction?

Shot in Black and White and with natural acting throughout, this 16mm work from Australian director Jarrah Gurrie is in essence a tender tale of adolescent infatuation. That this short hints that the man of our boys' adoration possibly holds reciprocal feelings is what makes this beauty and the geek piece a pleasant surprise, given it mirrors the directors' message that someone who you think is totally unapproachable, could turn out to be quite the opposite. Little else remains to be said, for devoid of dialogue this marks a simple way of cinematically showcasing an emotion as old as time itself, with for those wondering, the title being street terminology for a 180 degree turn with a backflip and not the name of the stripped-to-the-waist hunk of the piece!
starring: Fabio Costaprado, Adrian Silva and Leonard Houx.
see also: www.jarrahgurrie.com
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