a short film by Dean Francis
2005 | 8 mins | Australia
›› Boys Grammar
the brutal reality of ritualized hazing.
Boys Grammar by Dean Francis

Caught with a book devoted to the male physique, gay boy Gareth is given a lesson he won't forget, by a bunch of homophobic jocks.

And this particular lesson is led by Nick; a cocky youth who delights in forcing Gareth face down onto the shower floor, legs apart, to be subjected to an inhuman act of sexual violation. Only is there more to this vile assault, than what at first appears?

Dave Says:-

Well-executed, if unsettling by nature, this shocking short was made to draw attention to acts of violence that habitually go under the guise of rites of passage; so called initiation rituals that begin in the name of good clean fun, but end with mental or physical scarring, that is the brutal reality of ritualized hazing for many. Yet such is the severity of its pivotal scene, that Dean Francis would come to find his short film too controversial a screening for some, with its inclusion at the 2005 Auburn International Film and Video Festival for Children and Young Adults having almost caused the event to be shut down. Yet the most alarming aspect here is the fact that this is not a work of fiction, having been based on a series of reports in the Sydney media concerning physical abuse at a private boy's school.

Backed by a series of all too realistic performances, in particular from Matt Levett as Gareth and Tom O'Sullivan as Nick and complete with a twist in the tale from screenwriter Rozlyn Clayton-Vincent, this is a work that by its very nature makes for uncomfortable viewing, ingrained as it is with institutionalized homophobia, yet equally yearnings of a sexuality, forever repressed. Above all however, this is a short with a serious issue at its core, one that all few films have had the courage to address.


Both Daniel (Agron) Feuerriegel and Jai (Varro) Courtney went on to co-star in the graphic television series Spartacus, whilst lead Matt Levett would later reunite with Francis, in his powerful work Drown.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - sexual violation. 
Overall - file under ... 3+ stars. 
principal players: Matt Levett / Gareth, Tom O'Sullivan / Nick, Daniel Feuerriegel / Ben, Adam J Yeend /
James, Jai Courtney / Alex and Anthony Phelan as Gareth's father, Robert.
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