a short film by Adam Salky
2005 | 16 mins | US
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dare you fall in love with Mr Straight?
Dare by Adam Salky In this award-winning short, closet homo and all round outsider Ben has the hots for his hetero classmate Johnny. Yet the only time that the two spend together is by way of rehearsals for the school production of A Streetcar Named Desire, with bad boy Johnny in the role of Stanley Kowalski and light boy Ben in the rafters, forever shining the spotlight on the object of his desire.

Yet even in the lighting gallery, Ben can hear a fluffed word or two and when Johnny misses his cue again, Ben's offer of help extends to more than just reminding Johnny of his lines, as left over champagne, coupled with the family swimming pool finds clothes removed, inhibitions lowered and hidden secrets revealed.

Dare by Adam Salky Simmering with homoeroticism, this Columbia Graduate work from director Adam Salky charts the boys' cinematic favourite of falling in love with Mr Straight. That Adam Fleming as Ben and Michael Cassidy as Johnny play their roles with a teasing sense of reality only adds to the sheer enjoyment of the piece, as the bond between the two young men culminates not so much in acts undertaken, but in the knowledge that the two strangers have more in common with each other, than at first appeared. Or do they?

Well-executed throughout and complete with the odd "whip it out" line or two, this marks sixteen minutes worth of seductive delight, given the whole sensuous scenario plays heavily on the theme of daring to cross your sexual divide. Yet it ends with the issue of whether or not the pair of lover boys are willing to take their newfound friendship to an all the more deeper level, unanswered. That is, unless you check out its feature length transition, in the form of Dare - the movie. As it stands, this is a touching, tender and downright flirtatious celluloid appetiser. Need more be said?
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys on Film 3: American Boy' release
starring: Adam Fleming, Michael Cassidy, Marla Burkholder, Terry Guerin and Carly Haines.
official website: www.darethemovie.com
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