a short film by Xiaodan He and Joseph Antaki
2005 | 8 mins | Canada
in English with brief Arabic
›› Cairo Calling
Egyptian tradition meets Canadian diversity.
Cairo Calling by Xiaodan He and Joseph Antaki What’s an "out to his boyfriend but in to his family" gay boy to do, when his mother comes calling? For having moved to Canada from Egypt four years ago, all is well in Ahmed's life, until a telephone call from Cairo heralds the arrival of his mother.

As Egyptian tradition meets Canadian diversity, the mother of all mothers casts her critical eye over her son's Montreal apartment, let alone his co-worker Layla and close friend Eric - and here I do mean close! Only her grand designs on Ahmed's home take on an all the more personal nature, when Mother Ahmed starts shuffling the marriage cards in the form of a bevy of single Egyptian beauties lined up for her son back home. With a wedding in the family clearly on her mind, the question beckons - will Mother Ahmed get to see her son joined in matrimony before she waves Montreal goodbye?

Directed by Xiaodan He alongside writer, co-director and star of the show Joseph Antaki, this brief eight minute work is in effect, a play on the adage "be careful what you wish for, it may just come true." And suffice to say that love is indeed in the air, only perhaps not quite the way that Mother Ahmed envisaged. In short, this well acted, self-contained tale marks a fine example of the film short medium; namely an entertaining story that is beautifully told and executed throughout. That it is complete with a captivating score, only adds to the enjoyment. Wonderful.
available on DVD as part of the German 'Verliebte Jungs - Neue schwule Kurzfilme' release.
starring: Joseph Antaki, Claudette Del Burgo, Francois Bryon and Barbara Alexandre.
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