a short film by Roberto Fiesco
2005 | 15 mins | Mexico
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a laconic encounter between two men of varying age
David by Roberto Fiesco With a spoiler warning firming in place, director and co-writer Roberto Fiesco places the spotlight on love and age in this touching story about out of work businessman José who in looking for employment in the city, finds instead David; a much younger man who whilst mute, has no problem in communicating his desire for sex. Prompting a visit to a local hotel of dubious merit, the two engage in the act and thereafter part, having expressed their feelings for each other as much by way of the language of love, as through pen and paper.

And that in essence is the story of David; namely a tale in which the act of lovemaking is but the climax to what is in effect, a laconic encounter between two men of varying age. Only if the acute age difference between the participating parties is of concern, then such is somewhat cinematically alleviated by the tender and loving way in which their union is depicted, being more of a romantic nature, than a sexual one.

To that end, Javier Escobar is every inch the older man of the piece, a striking performance not only in terms of the subject matter, but equally thanks to his straight acting portrayal of a gay man in a country more accustomed to the stereotypical kind. Yet the star of the show is Jorge Adrián Espíndola who as an actor devoid of dialogue makes fine use of his eyes, lips and body to emotionally convey the intense feelings of a young man who cannot speak, but who seeks sexual intimacy and perhaps something more.

Based on the short story Man and Boy Sitting in a Chair and co-written by Julián Hernández of A Thousand Clouds of Peace and Broken Sky fame, this non-judgmental work is beautifully told, showcasing the fact that certain situations require few, if any words to be spoken.
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys On Film 5: Candy Boy' release 25.10.2010
starring: Jorge Adrián Espíndola, Javier Escobar, Salvador Alvarez, Pilar Ruiz, Fernando Arroyo
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