a short film by Carl Pfirman
1999 | 13 mins | US
›› Boy Next Door
a tale of sibling rivalry over the boy next door
Boy Next Door by Carl Pfirman Can a brother and sister relationship survive the test of unrequited love, when a new hunk arrives in town. Or to be more precise in the same street, causing friction between a brother and sister when both find themselves falling for Rick, the boy next door.

Yet the man of their mutual desire is giving off mixed signals, charming his neighbours with his sweet smile and a drive in his car for smitten Charlotte, only to be followed by a bicycle ride with love struck Chris. As the contest to win the man of their dreams heats up, sibling rivalry turns to sibling animosity, prompting a series of tit for tat measures of the vindictive kind. And here don't even ask what happened to Charlotte's toothbrush or for that matter Chris' collection of gay magazines. Only are all their efforts in vain, for has Rick's heart already been taken?

Written and directed by Carl Pfirman, this UCLA piece marks a simple tale, simply told, having tread the all too familiar ground of sibling rivalry. Frankly we've seen it all before and yet whilst the end result is hardly earth shattering, it did go on to win a number of awards, including the 1999 Dallas Out Takes Audience Award for Best Men's Short. Then again, Tom Lenk as Chris and Piper Harrell as Charlotte are every inch the mean and moody brother and sister of the piece, both yearning for the same man with amusing results. Enough said.
starring: Tom Lenk, Piper Harrell, Danny Slavin, Robin Larsen, Linda Graves
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