a short film by Jorge Ameer
2004 | 8 mins | UK
›› Popcorn & Coke
an ever so tender story of mixed seduction
Popcorn & Coke by Jorge Ameer Told with simplistic charm, this tender short was originally produced as a promotion piece for the International Gay Film Glitter Awards.

For devoid of dialogue but complete with a mixed selection of music, the action takes place in a cinema, where a male moviegoer finds himself the unwitting object of desire of the man to his right and the girl to his left, aka the coke girl and the popcorn guy of the title. Only when the coke girl heads off to the lobby, the man of the moment follows her, only to be promptly pursued by the popcorn guy, who at the concession stand suddenly finds himself out of money. Question is, is he also out of luck or will Cupid race to his rescue in the form of the man of his dreams?

Written, directed and co-starring Glitter Awards Executive Director Jorge Ameer, this simple but effective scenario is laced with the seeds flirtation, not to mention the manly physique of Matthew Leitch of AKA fame in the lead role, in a work that delights in playing the game of mixed seduction. Need more be said?
available on DVD as part of the Ariztical catalogue - 'Straight Men and the Men Who Love Them' release
starring: Matthew Leitch, Benay Sinaikin, Gabriel Romero, Torie Tyson
cameo appearance by Jorge Ameer as The Concession Vendor
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