a short film by John Krokidas
1999 | 12 mins | US
›› Shame No More
a parody on society's attitude to those of differing sexuality.
Shame No More by John Krokidas Welcome to the idyllic '50s community of Cherry Creek, USA, a place where boy meets boy and girl meets girl and yes you read that right! Only what's that I see lurking in the shadows? Could it be that terrible disease known as heterosexuality?

Thankfully for those who find themselves afflicted with such immoral thoughts as in the case of closet heterosexual Johnny, help in on hand in the form of Dr Dinsey's aversion therapy. And what do you know, for thanks to the odd electric shock or two, the good folks of America can rest assured that our boy Johnny is back on the bent path, having put such unnatural desires behind him!

Written and directed by John Krokidas and filmed in the style of a 1950's public service announcement, this highly entertaining and yet profound work is in effect, a parody on society's attitude to those of differing sexuality. That the result is but a sharp satire on how society once treated those of variant sexuality and to a certain degree, how we viewed ourselves, in an era when feelings of self-loathing were countered for some, by a hidden underground of sexual freedom, almost goes without saying.

Only in being so, check out the star turn from Pete Barker as the doctor determined to cure you, whether you want to be cured or not. Thankfully that was then and this is now, for what was once hidden is proudly out in the open, as we bear shame - no more!
starring: Stephen Palgon, Margot Edling, John Hartmann, Bill Short, Pete Barker, Mickey Smith,
Tanya Gingerich, Sara Baker, Blayne Perry, Duncan Rogers, Jim Oakley, J J Messina,
Jordanna Dezeeuw, Bill Peden and Rachel Zabar.
cameo appearance by John Krokidas as Johnny's Boyfriend.
narrative by Kelly Dixon.
Copyright 2007 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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