a film by Todd Stephens
2006 | 92 mins | US
›› Another Gay Movie
a crude 'n' rude parody of all things gay.
Another Gay Movie by Todd Stephens Some films divide gay opinion and this is one such cinematic outing, given here writer and director Todd Stephens of Edge of Seventeen fame has thrown himself head first into the pool of vulgarity, having gone out of his way to take the P and in more ways than one, of all things gay, much it has to be said to the political furore of some, but to the comic delight of others.

For this in a nutshell is the gay version of American Pie, namely the played-for-laughs scenario of a group of high school friends desperate to lose their virginity before the end of summer. A fact not lost on pretty boy Andy, given he's been rehearing for the act - carrot style, in the hope of securing some extra tuition from foreign exchange teacher Mr Puckov. And somehow you just know that he's going to get it, unlike his best friend Nico who has a-liking for older men - and here I do mean older. Not that this bothers his mother, given she's more concerned with the sexual state of mind of her clearly gay but still closeted son. Unlike closet romantic Griff, a teen secretly in love with resident hunk Jarod, a man who has men dropping at his - well feet. Thankfully on hand to make sure the boys keep to their sexual deadlines is stereotypical butch dyke Muffler, a task that somehow is going to be easier said, than done.

Another Gay Movie by Todd Stephens And that's basically all there is to it. That the result is but a crude, rude parody of everything gay, goes without saying. And yet this tale of virginity lost is guaranteed to have you bursting your comical gut, provided such basement level humour is to your liking. For here Stephens' delights in poking fun at seemingly every homosexual act imaginable, along the way adding a series of cinematic spoofs, including his own take on the baseball scene from that romantic comedy known as The Broken Hearts Club.

Thankfully the cast play the whole scenario to a hilarious tee, having dropped, along with most of their clothes, any attempt to inject anything meaningful to a scenario that is overflowing with indie names, including Boy Meets Boy actor James Getzlaff, Boy Culture star Darryl Stephens and Robert Laughlin as a decidedly naughty paramedic. Yet equally giving it their best shot are Irish comedian and television host Graham Norton as crazed Mr Puckov, legendary Lypsinka as Andy's mother, Survivor winner Richard Hatch proving he can survive one more time and keeping his pants on for once, Falcon model and porn star Matthew Rush. Added to which is an infamous deleted scene featuring Mink Stole, together with a theme song delivered with glee from Nancy Sinatra.

Obviously not intended for those easily offended, this all-out gay-teen-sex-comedy would appear to have been as much fun in the making, as it is to watch. Then again, in being anything but your typical gay movie, such is surely destined to have Another Gay Sequel.
available on DVD as part of the TLA Releasing UK catalogue
starring: Michael Carbonaro, Jonah Blechman, Jonathan Chase, Mitch Morris, Ashlie Atkinson, Stephanie McVay,
Darryl Stephens, James Getzlaff, Lypsinka, Richard Hatch, Matthew Rush, Graham Norton, Ant,
Scott Thompson, George Marcy, Joanna Leeds, Andersen Gabrych, Megan Saraceni,
Robert Laughlin, Wil Jacobs and Mink Stole as Sloppi Seconds / deleted scene
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