a short film by Eldar Rapaport
2004 | 16 mins | US
›› Postmortem
a spark of romance still simmers for ex-lovers
Postmortem by Eldar Rapaport In a story that I dare say many of us will be more than familiar with, we witness ex-lovers Troy and Thomas meeting up for a coffee and chat years after a traumatic break-up, only to discover that a spark of romance still simmers below the surface.

Only this simple tale equates to an accomplished short and one that is in many ways unique, given the story was written specifically to accompany the music, rather than what is custom. It all began when writer and director Eldar Rapaport was invited to a concert of Middle Eastern jazz, music that lingered with him long after the event itself, culminating in Rapaport opting to write a work with that music in mind. Yet such is the professionalism of this piece, that the score blends effortlessly with the narrative, one that highlights one time partners discussing the events that have happened in their lives, since they chose to move on.

Laced with the captivating music of Harel Shachal and Anistar, together with fine performances from Murray Bartlett as Troy and Daniel Dugan as Thomas, this bittersweet, yet touching tale perfectly captures the emotions of two men who cannot help but flirt with each other, given their minds and bodies once knew each other only too well. And it is that sense of intimacy that closes this telling short, given Rapaport wisely chose to leave the ending open, allowing the viewer to decide how their relationship truly ends, if indeed it ends at all. Suffice to say, that not all of the action takes place in a coffee shop in August, namely the title of Rapaportís eagerly anticipated feature length expansion of this work.

Gay Visibility - overt. 
Nudity - strictly from the waist up. 
Overall - file under ... 4 stars. 
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue 'Boys on Film 4: Protect Me from What I Want' release: 26.April.2010 / UK.
starring: Murray Bartlett / Troy, Daniel Dugan / Thomas, Francisco Valera / Raul and Jeff Rynkiewicz as the Waiter.
screened as part of the 19th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival - 2005.
see also www.erapfilms.com
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