a short film by Garth Bardsley
2005 | 12 mins | US
›› Latch Key
a comical tale of brothers of opposing sexuality
Latch Key by Garth Bardsley You kind of know what to expect when the title of a film so aptly sums it up. For this is the story of 'latch key kid' Sam Raymond, a coming-to-terms with his sexuality teenager who arrives home from school knowing that his mother is out working, only to find his brother Lou in, having made an unexpected end-of-term return from college.

Only Lou is not alone, given he's currently upstairs trying to persuade his former girlfriend Vanessa that she's still the one for him - inparticular in the bedroom department. Not that this cuts short Sam's plans for the afternoon, as he's soon to be found on the sofa with his best friend Thomas playing video games. Yet the video game they prefer is watching porn videos of the straight kind, along the way giving each other some mutual hand relief - er run by me again!

Latch Key by Garth Bardsley As their mother hurries back home with a pizza for her boys, both upstairs and downstairs parties keep their respective company occupied in ways that go beyond mere friendship. Only come the point of orgasm, pray tell - is that a latch key I see before me?

Written and directed by Garth Bardsley, this delightful comical tale charts the opposing sexuality of two brothers, unaware of such, until the sound of that key in the latch signals a reality check of the sexual kind. And to that end, Ren Casey as Sam and William Caleo as Lou play their parts to perfection, displaying just the right degree of emotions akin to sibling rivalry of the brotherly love variety. Only it is love of the homosexual kind that Sam lusts after, his screen relationship with Thomas / Brendan Bradley of Kali Ma and Redwoods credit being all the more genuine, given both were actual roommates for awhile; albeit not as close as that here!

Aided by a conclusion that arrives with a subtle twist, this Columbia Film School piece is twelve minutes worth of pure entertainment, having boldly gone where Pavarottiís Nessun Dorma hasnít been heard before!
available on DVD as part of the Picture This! catalogue - 'Boys Briefs #3' release
starring: Ren Casey, William Caleo, Brendan Bradley, Carey MacAleer, Jill Jackson
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