a film by Bruce LaBruce
1999 | 67 mins cut - 88 mins uncut | Canada
›› Skin Flick - aka Skin Gang / uncut
gay skins having sex the Bruce LaBruce way
Skin Flick by Bruce LaBruce Infused with all the infamous traits of Bruce LaBruce, this earlier offering from the BadBoy of gay cinema offended some, delighted others and left many wondering just what it was all about?

What it is, is hardcore gay porn. That is in its original uncut Skin Gang format, one that was ‘heavily re-edited’ for its UK certified Skin Flick release, although how it still managed to clock in at over an hours duration when devoid of the majority of its sexually explicit content and here think erections, penetration and ejaculation, frankly remains something of a mystery. That the UK outing gave more meaning to the film’s narrative as a result, goes without saying, even if such scenes of dialogue serve as mere links to the next sexual encounter. For this film is all about sex, courtesy of a group of skinheads who force their way into the flat of a man who had previously been serviced by a member of the gang cottage style, only for burglary to turn into rape when his partner is subjected to the most inhumane act of sexual violation. Yes there's a subplot here involving initiation rituals for a skinhead in the making, coupled with the sole girl of the piece being evicted from her flat kitchen-sink drama fashion, but that, in a nutshell, is it.

Skin Flick by Bruce LaBruce Or is it? Well not quite. For in LaBruce's hands we have the custom mix of dodgy camera work and poor acting, raw sex and violence, as projected over a techno-trash soundtrack. Yet within his cinematic cocktail lies a series of contradictions, namely skinheads who get their kicks from gay bashing yet share the same bed as lovers, let alone a Jew serving in a gang who hold a neo-Nazi agenda. Only don't look too deep for hidden meanings as this feature was clearly not meant to be taken too seriously, if seriously at all.

Sure the end result is not going to be to everyone’s taste, given a series of bigoted remarks are to be found, even in its edited form. And then there’s the nature of the editing itself and that of a number of blatant lip-sync errors in the final reel of its Skin Flick variant, for which there’s no excuse. Then again, this provocative, counter-culture work marked LaBruce's first legitimate porno, containing as-it-does all of the trademark elements that have made Bruce LaBruce one of the most controversial gay filmmakers of today. Need more be said?
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue
starring: Steve Masters, Eden Miller, Tom International, Ralph Steel, Tim Vincent,
Nikki Richardson, Jens Hammer, Bastian, Darren James, Terry Richardson
cameo appearance by Bruce LaBruce as Bashing Victim #1
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