a short film by Barry Dignam
2001 | 3 mins | Ireland
›› Chicken
a revealing tale of dare between two Irish lads
Chicken by Barry Dignam Written by Audrey O'Reilly, this is the tale of two Irish lads who tired of throwing stones at empty beer cans on a seaside railway embankment, up the stakes to a game of chicken, namely stabbing the gaps between the fingers of your friend's outstretched hand with a sharp blade, along the way trying to avoid cutting his fingers or worse. Daring his friend to be man enough to take part, could it be that the two become more than just blood brothers?

And that is the underlying theme of this piece, given this work plays on its title, casting aside its domestic fowl / coward interpretations, to highlight the variant of a young gay man. For that is what is on offer here, namely a story of two gay teens too afraid to show their feelings for each other, preferring instead to reveal such under the guise of violence and a game of dare that gives way to a loving embrace, being three minutes that profoundly alters the relationship between two young men forever.
screened as part of the 16th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2002.
starring: Darren Healy and Niall O'Shea.
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