a short film by Barry Dignam
1999 | 8 mins | Ireland
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coming out, fantasy style
Dream Kitchen by Barry Dignam Do you ever wish your dreams could be turned into reality? Or your reality turned into a dream? Well in this tongue-in-cheek work, reality merges with fantasy, as a young Irish lad tries to come out to his family, only to succeed in his imagination. Then again, coming out is no easy option for this working class lad, what with a mother who turns to the bottle instead of housework and a father who spends his days underneath the family car instead of time spent finding a job. Oh and did I mention his heavily pregnant sister is chain-smoking her life away in a home that's so dirt ridden, it's a wonder that it's not quarantined by the local health authority for MRSA!

But stop - as this gay teen ponders what life could be, if only things were different. And let's be frank here, if you're going to dream of coming out to your parents, then your fantasy is going to be one of acceptance. Only in this instance, the word acceptance is replaced with celebration, as a father who back in the land of reality views homosexuals as "bloody perverts" is now only too happy to embrace his "golden child" and all because his son voiced those all-important words - I'm gay!

Winner of numerous awards including the Best Irish Short Film at the 1999 Galway Film Fleadh, this well-crafted short courtesy of the stage pen of Kevin McCarthy is a pure delight from start to finish. Then again, is this any surprise when it contrasts the harsh reality of homophobia against a world not only devoid of such, but one in which homosexuality is celebrated.

Enhanced by a dream kitchen right out of the latest designer catalogue, let alone its use of mock Shakespearean tongue, this work from leading Irish gay short filmmaker Barry Dignam and here think Chicken / 2001 and A Ferret Called Mickey / 2003, proves just how good the film short medium can be, when it is perfectly executed. A sheer inspirational joy!
screened as part of the 14th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2000
starring: Andrew Lovern, Caroline Rothwell, Frank Coughlan, Sarah Pilkington, Loclann Aiken
Copyright 2007 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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