a film by Stuart Who? and Wayne G
2004 | 57 mins | UK
›› Twisted
the drug-fuelled highs of life on the party dance circuit.
Twisted by Stuart Who? and Wayne G Armed with a video camera, DJ, journalist and singer Stuart Who? along with DJ Wayne G undertook a lengthy tour to promote their 1997 number one dance hit Twisted. The result is this candid documentary that captured in video diary format the emotional and drug-fuelled highs of life on the promotional party circuit.

For taking in World Pride Rome, together with the continents of Australia, Europe and North America, these two boys take partying the night away to new heights, aided by a seemingly endless supply of E, cocaine, crystal, hash, let alone enough drink to make even the most hardened alcoholic seek out his local Betty Ford clinic. For whether in London or New York, Los Angeles or Sydney, this sharply edited feature depicts Stuart and Wayne taking dance, drugs and sex to excess and the gradual toll it has on both their minds and bodies. Inparticular it details the pursuit of pleasure and the hedonistic delights found aboard a gay Mediterranean cruise liner filled from port to starboard with men who when not on the dance floor, simply cruise the cruise.

Little else remains to be said. For like the features Circuit and When Boys Fly, this equates to a shockingly frank depiction of the reality of those who play pick 'n' mix with club drugs, alongside combination therapy. And yet it is the personalities of the duo that shine through this entertaining, if alarming insight into the world of drug-induced partying, one that by way of the video diary format is probably the most honest and yet equally disturbing account of life on the party circuit, that you’re ever likely to see.
screened as part of the 18th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2004
starring: Stuart Who? and Wayne G
Copyright 2004 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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