a film by Jim Fall
1999 | 85 mins | US
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an unapologetically lightweight look at gay love
Trick by Jim Fall There ain't nothing like a song and nothing worse for aspiring songwriter Gabriel Bloom than writers' block. Reminded by one and all of what he needs to cure his melodic stagnation - and we all know what that is, Gabriel seeks his musical revival courtesy of the erotic stage routine of go-go dancer Mark Miranda. 'Nice - real nice' he thinks, but what chance has he of getting-it-on with the man himself?

Well far better than what he thought. For guess who he should find sitting opposite him later that night doing the ole 'I'm falling asleep just long enough for you to eye my crotch' routine? Well if it isn't Mr Go-Go in person. Thus it's a case of flipping the coin and if you cannot find love, then here's to lust and a one-night stand that like a good show, is sure to end on a climax. At least, in theory. For heading back to Gabriel's flat, they encounter the unexpected presence of his painfully bad singer / actress best friend Katherine. Can she sing - no. Can she dance - no. Can she take the hint that these two boys are in the mood for some sensuous sex, wild sex, raw sex; hell any sex at all - no! And that's just the point, for it appears that Gabriel and Mark are going to have to work hard together, so as to get-it-together.

Trick by Jim Fall Originating from the stable of the gay romantic comedy, this unapologetic lightweight look at love has for all of its faults, its heart in the right place; namely a film in which boy meets boy and love beckons just around the corner. Yet the relationship between resident hunk J P Pitoc and Christian Campbell as saccharine-coated Gabriel is but a backdrop to a series of close encounters of the gay kind, given it is by way of their hunt for a room for the night, that we also encounter Steve Hayes as Gabriel's camper than camp friend Perry, Clinton Leupp as alter ego Miss Coco Peru and the notation of whether trust enters the equation where a one-night stand is concerned. Only the real surprise comes from Tori Spelling who here excels as an actress whose good at being bad!

Aided by a fine score and in particular the beautiful vocal work of Valerie Pinkston heard over the end credits, this marks a perfect example of the 'save the gay kiss till last' scenario, being in effect gay escapism in its purest form. For here issues of political and social rights are replaced by the universal ones of dating and falling in love, as Cupid's Arrow is set to provide Gabriel with that vital missing emotion called LOVE needed to complete his final act. Need more be said?
screened as part of the 14th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2000
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue
starring: Christian Campbell, J P / John Paul Pitoc, Tori Spelling, Lorri Bagley, Brad Beyer, Steve Hayes, Clinton Leupp,
Eric Bernat, Kevin Chamberlin, Joey Dedio, Will Keenan, Lacey Kohl and Camilla as Trixie the Dog
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