a short film by David M Young
2006 | 8 mins | US
›› Hitchcocked
a play on the classic Hitchcock shower scene.
Hitchcocked by David M Young With a deliberate play on the classic Hitchcock shower scene of Psycho fame, this well-executed short takes you on a roller coaster ride of mixed emotions in all but 8 minutes.

For Fred of the buff variety loves a close shave, just as much as he loves internet dating and a chatroom companion for the night. And the man of the moment is Al; a cute face with a fit body to match who given the customary "here's the kitchen, there's the bedroom" tour, concludes by no surprise in the bathroom for a bit of fun in the shower. Only it would appear that no-one has bothered to tell Al to beware of strangers - with a-liking for cutthroat razors.

Like the great master himself, writer and director David M Young here delights in playing with his audience, teasing them with the theme of casual sex, before subjecting them to an act they least anticipated. Along the way, he pays homage to THE shower scene of all shower scenes, crosscutting his work with a select batch of Hitchcock inspired moments. Well-shot throughout and with engaging performances from David Grant Beck and Yuval David in the lead roles, this work above all else vividly demonstrates that the act of the casual pickup, can at times see you get more than what you bargained for. Or does it? For have you been hitchcocked?
screened as part of the 21st London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2007.
starring: David Grant Beck, Yuval David and Marilyn Costello.
Copyright 2008 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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