a short film by Alexander Pfeuffer
2002 | 14 mins | Germany
›› Breakfast? - Frühstück?
the story of love and commitment; scrambled style.
Breakfast? - Frühstück? by Alexander Pfeuffer New to Berlin, shy Boris is soon to find love in the arms of Till, only their relationship is far from the romantic bliss that he had envisaged, given Till is a boy who just can't say no - and we all know to what.

Described by close friend Giselle as a puppy, Till is more like a dog in heat, promiscuous by nature, whether getting it on with a handsome hunk at the local swimming pool or later with a stranger at a nightclub. Only that encounter was meant to be a loving embrace between the two boys, that is before two become three thanks to Mr Unknown forcing himself upon them, or to be more precise upon Till, given Boris promptly exited stage left leaving the two to merge as one. As breakfast time approaches courtesy of Giselle, the question beckons will their eggs, like their relationship, be scrambled in the morning after the night before?

Raising the question of where true love lies, this bittersweet short plays like an enticing cinematic shot of Queer As Folk. To that end, Tobias Schenke as Till is every inch the German outing of Stuart; ready for some man candy at any given opportunity, an act that is nicely countered by Nico Link's tender portrayal of Boris who like QAF's Vince carries a torch, only to see it smouldering in the background of Till's seemingly endless desire for manflesh. Well-shot and acted throughout, writer and director Alexander Pfeuffer has crafted a tale that whilst charting the all too familiar ground of love and commitment and the opposing view some boys hold on such, is guaranteed to entertain nonetheless, filled as it is with tender moments of gay love, homoerotic encounters and the certain knowledge that somehow these teens will work things out.
screened as part of the 17th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2003.
starring: Tobias Schenke, Nico Link, Anna Thalbach,
Andreas Schneeberg, Francesco Saubert.
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