a short film by Antonio Hens
2000 | 17 mins | Spain
›› Doors Cut Down - En malas compañías
a young man's insatiable desire for sex.
Doors Cut Down by Antonio Hens Never one to stay at home making himself happy, sixteen-year-old schoolboy Guillermo prefers others to do it for him, courtesy of some after hours tuition in the toilets of his local shopping mall.

Not that this boy needs any lessons in the art of seduction, casting as he does his puppy dog eyes in the direction of the Ernestos, Jaimes and Alfonsos of the world, let alone his English tutor when he finds himself grounded on account of failing grades. Only when his father catches his son learning more than just vocabulary, the question is not so much whether Guillermo has learned his lesson, but rather if he still up for a service from the local mechanic?

Doors Cut Down by Antonio Hens Written and directed by Antonio Hens, this engaging Spanish short was inspired by the directors' real life encounter with a young man, whose sexual appetite was seemingly insatiable. Yet in depicting such in a physical, albeit non-explicit way, Hens has added a subtle voiceover that aptly conveys the thoughts of the boy himself, a narrative that details Guillermos' prowess as a sexual predator, only for such to be countered by the words of his parents, unable to come to terms with their son's rampant homosexuality, but pressurised into accepting such by way of the open mind of a clinical psychotherapist.

Only if the message here is one of acceptance, then it is overshadowed by its stereotypical portrayal of promiscuity; that of men who whether in a relationship or not, just cannot cease their desire for rest room sex, even when the doors in question have been cut down. That aside, this remains an eye-catching work, one that is well-executed throughout, complete with competent acting, inparticular from Israel Rodríguez as Guillermo and Pablo Puyol as the hot mechanic of the piece, who together with a script packed full of comic and erotic delights is guaranteed to keep the boys entertained. Need more be said?
screened as part of the 15th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2001.
starring: Israel Rodríguez, Pablo Puyol, Antonio Álamo, Juan Carlos Rubio, Juanma Lara,
Concha Galán, José Manuel Seda and Aníbal Soto.
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