a short film by Håkon Liu
2005 | 29 mins | Sweden
›› Nights In Love - Kär I Natten
an ever so dark love story
Nights In Love by Håkon Liu This well-observed short explores the relationship between two young men; one on the verge of his eighteenth birthday and desperate to escape the narrow-minded approach to life of those around him and the other, a local man known more for supplying the townsfolk with illicit hooch, than for his motor repair work. Yet with his motorcycle in urgent need of repair, it is to the town outcast that the younger of the two men turns to, visiting him mainly by night, so as to avoid ridicule from his so-called friends, return visits that soon turn into nights in love.

Told and for that matter photographed in an ever so dark style, this is, in essence, the tale of the relationship between two men who hold opposing views on how to express their deep affection for each other, given one lives in fear of leaving the security of his seclusion from the outside world, whilst the other cannot wait to explore the world outside.

Tense and dark throughout; suffice to say that something, somewhere has to give in this intense love story that vividly captures the emotions of a young man who in embracing his male lover, knows that his future lies outside of the closed minds of the community of his birth.
screened as part of the 20th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2006
starring: Olle Liljas, Tom Lofterud, Martin Pareto
Copyright 2006 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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