a short film by Alex Mene
2003 | 11 mins | Spain
›› Those Clouds - Esas Nubes
a lovers sexual recollections of his dead partner
Those Clouds by Alex Mene Written, directed and starring Alex Mene, this eleven-minute short charts the recollections of a man mourning the death of his lover, aided by the odd cloud formation and verse. In doing so, it repeatedly switches from past to present, in order to showcase a man lost in his memories of times past, dressed as he is in the same bathrobe he wore when the two lovers enjoyed their last breakfast together.

Only what is missing from this work is a single memory of happy times that the two spent on holiday together, or with friends laughing the hours away, preferring instead to recall their final sex act. The result is a piece that prompts the question of film art or soft-core porn, given this short fails to touch you the way it should. Rather this is a work in which scenes of sex and nudity fill the screen, together with clouds.

Then again, this is but a celluloid homage to Cuban artist Félix González-Torres, 1957 - 1996 and his noted 1992 piece untitled, namely a New York City billboard featuring a monochrome photograph of an unoccupied bed, made after the death of his lover to AIDS.
screened as part of the 20th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2006
starring: Alex Mene, Xosé Buxán
Copyright 2006 David Hall - www.gaycelluloid.com.
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