a short film by Timothy Smith
2005 | 8 mins | UK
›› Attack
things are not always Black and White.
Attack by Timothy Smith Playing on the style of MEMENTO in telling a story backwards, this dramatic short focuses on two police officers taking statements from a group of black youths as the body of a white skinhead lies unconscious on the ground, the result of his apparent attempt to beat up two of the gang in a nearby alley. Or so it would at first appear. Only with each flashback, the full picture begins to emerge. It is one that shows that the boys are far from telling the whole truth to the events that took place that night.

Violent by nature, strong by language and yet equally laced with scenes of homosexual tenderness, this in-your-face work questions how one can at times form an opinion on something or someone based solely upon appearance, without knowing the true facts involved. For does camp equal gay? Does a white skinhead sporting a flight jacket and bovver boots equate to neo-Nazi? And did a racist attack really take place that night?

Written and directed by Timothy Smith, who also self-funded the production, this thought-provoking work challenges stereotypes, confronts assumption and in the process perfectly illustrates that things are not always as Black and White, as what they may at first appear. A short film with a poignant point to make.

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screened as part of the 20th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2006.
starring: Callum Walker, Marcel McCalla, Michael Ellis, Eugene Washington,
Tyronne Lewis, LaCharne Jolly, Robert Clarke and Maria Mathurin.
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