a film by Richard Glatzer and Wash West
2001 | 95 mins | US
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adolescent infatuation meets the reality of hardcore porn
The Fluffer by Richard Glatzer and Wash West Film enthusiast Sean McGinnis has a liking for the classics. Only when his quest to study the works of Orson Welles results with the box for CITIZEN KANE containing instead the skin flick CITIZEN CUM, this bisexual boy (yes?) finds himself not in a hurry to return his slice of manflesh, along the way becoming increasingly fixated on the star of the show; one buffed, beautiful and well just BIG, Johnny Rebel. Determined to meet the man in person, Sean promptly gets a job with the Men of Janus production company, in which Johnny aka Mikey is under that all-star 'exclusive contract.'

Yet life is rarely the same as what you see on the silver screen or the hardcore screen for that matter, given the man of Sean's dreams is not only straight, but the boyfriend of lovable lap-dancer Babylon aka Julie. Still that doesn't stop Sean from trying to get up close and personal with the gay-for-pay hunk himself, a longing that results with his idol requesting Sean's help for some, how you say - penile stimulation! Only is he prepared to sacrifice romantic bliss with newly met boyfriend Brian, for a man who views him as nothing more than the studio fluffer?

The Fluffer by Richard Glatzer and Wash West In short, this is but a variant on the theme of unrequited love; albeit one set within the gay porn industry and a business in which writer and co-director Wash West née Westmoreland is more than familiar with. Namely a profession ever concerned with penis size, sexual expertise and that all-important money shot. Only in preaching from the pulpit, West remains surprisingly coy in depicting male nudity and whilst this does not detract from the storyline, no doubt many on viewing a title of this nature, may end up feeling somewhat short changed in the man-on-man department.

That said, West laces his work with more star names from the trade that you could shake a dildo at! Yet the real star turn here is not courtesy of Michael Cunio as Sean, Roxanne Day as Babylon or actor Scott Gurney as the man least deserving of such an obsessive longing. Not even that of Deborah Harry whose delivers a brief but notable cameo here as Julie's 'shoulder to lean on' boss Marcella. Rather that award lies with veteran actor Robert Walden who is every inch, no pun intended, ex porn star turned studio boss Chad Cox, aided as he is by some great one-liners and one inparticular that you certainly wouldn't have heard him utter in his LOU GRANT days!

Complete with the odd surreal sequence, together with a set of childhood flashbacks by way to illustrate that some folk have emotional issues even before they arrive in L.A., this marks an at times comical, often poignant, downward spiral examination of the sex trade, as set in two halves. Yet it is also a film about love and devotion, only not as we've seen before, as adolescent infatuation meets the reality of hardcore porn - softcore style!
screened as part of the 15th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2001: Closing Night Gala
available on DVD as part of the Metrodome Distribution catalogue
starring: Scott Gurney, Michael Cunio, Roxanne Day, Robert Walden, Deborah Harry, Taylor Negron, Richard Riehle,
Tim Bagley, Adina Porter, Ruben Madera, Josh Holland, Mickey Cottrell and Penn Badgley as Young Sean
cameo appearances by Derek Cameron, Chad Donovan, Chris Green, Ron Jeremy, Chi Chi LaRue, Thomas Lloyd, Cole Tucker
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