a short film by Robin Baker
2004 | 10 mins | UK
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a well-observed tale on the search for love / sex.
Seafood by Robin Baker Whilst only ten minutes in length, this well-crafted short realistically portrays the opposing desires of romance and sex of two gay men.

For following the end of another 9 till 5 week, office worker Colin heads off to his local supermarket to buy some fresh fish for his evening meal. Yet before he can rattle those pots and pans, he bumps into Naveen; a employee at the same company who works on a different floor. Casting seafood aside, the two head off for the night, bar and restaurant style, only to discover that whilst their culinary tastes are the same, their sexual appetite notably differs.

Poignant, funny and well-executed throughout, here writer and director Robin Baker has delivered a well-observed tale that whilst geared to a gay audience, could equally apply to any number of men - gay, bi or straight, given it charts the differing hopes and aspirations for life, let alone for sex, love and companionship of two friends on a Friday night out.

To that end, Daniel Ryan as Colin and Navin Chowdhry as Naveen play the whole scenario to a tee, with Naveen clearly bored with Colinís company, his sexual eye movements beautifully contrasting with Colinís look of love. That Baker has added a closing twist to his tale, only adds to the mouth-watering cinematic mix on offer here, one that was so well received that the BFI opted to showcase it alongside the work that is Twisted for the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival touring programme of 2004. Need more be said?
screened as part of the 18th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2004.
starring: Daniel Ryan, Navin Chowdhry, Colin Howdle, Will Adams, Julia Baker, Dan Ivens,
Jonathan Keane, Pas Paschali, Meloni Poole and Brian Robinson.
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