a short film by David Andrew Ward
2003 | 10 mins | UK
›› All Over Brazil
a gritty tale of burgeoning sexuality; glam rock style.
All Over Brazil by David Andrew Ward Written by Jamie Havlin, this gritty tale tells the story of a father trying to bring up his son and daughter alone in the early '70s, spurred on by his love of football and in particular his delight in Scotland having secured their place in the 1974 World Cup. Trouble is, young son Stephen doesn't share his father's love for the beautiful game, being more into the world of glam rock. Only when father Charley catches his son camping it up in his sister's glitz 'n' glam, let alone her gold lame platform boots, is it more than this proud Scotsman can take?

In many ways, this marks a wonderful companion piece to the short film A Ferret Called Mickey that played on the same festival programme, given both works chart the bond between father and son and the difficulty that both parents face in their gradual acceptance of their son's differing sexual identity; albeit from variant narrative angles. In this instance, pretend tea parties are replaced by the period in time when singers and band members alike were only too keen to dress androgynously in make up, glitter and high-heels. And nothing wrong with that, I hear you add. For with more than a liberal dose of the music of Slade, let alone a broad Scottish accent, this short delivers a down to earth look at burgeoning sexuality; glam rock style. All together now - so cum on feel the noize...

Gay Visibility - glitz 'n' glam style. 
Nudity - none. 
Overall - file under ... 3 stars. 

›› Available to buy from Amazon.co.uk.
available on DVD as part of the Peccadillo Pictures catalogue - 'Boys On Film: Cruel Britannia' release: 28.May.2012 / UK.
screened as part of the 18th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2004.
starring: Iain de Caestecker / Stephen, Frank Gallagher / Charley
and Gemma Morrison as Donna.
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