a short film by Cath Le Couteur
2002 | 10 mins | UK
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the raw emotions of the teenage heart and mind.
Spin by Cath Le Couteur Once again the raw emotions of the teenage heart and mind raise their head in this energetic short from writer and director Cath Le Couteur.

And as ever it revolves around a drunken teenage party, one where drink and dance soon give way to the raging hormones of youth, courtesy of the Spin the Bottle game, namely the quickie sex routine whereby the bottle neck pointer equates to a two-minute bathroom romp.

Only on this occasion, one of the lads doesn't want to join in, unsure of himself and why he's even there. Forcing him to take part, the bottleneck slows down to point to another boy. Game for a laugh, the two lads head upstairs, intent on spending a few moments laughing the night away. Yet when the lights suddenly go out, could passions start to mount - gay style?

Played with a natural feel by a cast of fresh faces, this is ten minutes worth of adolescent sexual yearnings. Thankfully Le Couteur has captured the adrenaline charged atmosphere of the party perfectly. Only in building up to the central premise of a boy-on-boy encounter, the ending fails to detail whether lads Jad / Ryan Dabner and Fiz / Julian Morris of 24 credit are destined to become more than just strangers in the night. But then and like many a good short, this is but a cinematic taster, wetting your appetite, to leave you with a craving for more. Need more be said?
screened as part of the 18th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2004.
starring: Julian Morris, Ryan Dabner, Bronson Webb, Kristy Bruce,
Giovanna Falcone and Aidan David.
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