a short film by Geoff Evans
2002 | 4 mins | UK
›› On All Floors
a film appetizer; short and laced with a surprise or two.
On All Floors by Geoff Evans As one of ten short films produced by the 2002 "Screen Gems 3" project, an initiative aimed at affording young filmmakers the opportunity to write and direct short works using a professional cast and crew, this well-observed tale from the pen of Craig Handley tells the story of five people who get stuck in a lift together and in fear of meeting their maker way too soon, start to talk about things buried in their past. Only is this really the best time to start confessing hidden secrets?

In short, this is but the ideal vehicle by which to showcase the reactions of a group of strangers to each other and that of their hopes and fears, together with a series of dark confessions. It is a scenario that not surprisingly has been used on more than one occasion, including the BBC Four half-hour comedy The Lift. That Evans effectively captures the claustrophobic atmosphere of the piece, courtesy of the use of set variants, in such a short period is to his credit, backed as he is by a splendid cast who play the whole scenario to a tee. All of which makes this a perfect cinematic appetizer; short and laced with a surprise or two.
screened as part of the 18th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2004.
starring: Dean Keohane, Tom Lewis, Catrin Mara, Jason May and Rhys Morris.
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