a short film by Gerald McCullouch
2002 | 13 mins | US
›› The Moment After
a poignant work that charts all the possibilities of you
The Moment After by Gerald McCullouch Have you ever wondered what could have been if you had thrown caution to the wind and said YES to the endless possibilities that life presents you with. Well this short film details that very scenario, as Tracey, a repressed litigation clerk, hides away from the wonders of life, only to be opened up to its possibilities by Latin lover Gabe. Yet for Tracey, it's too late, given he's marked his birthday by making a decision from which there's no turning back.

Written, directed and starring Gerald McCullouch and filmed the same week as he was shooting scenes for the hit series CSI, this work marked a highly personal project for McCullouch, given it was remade from scratch after he was dissatisfied with the way the initial production had turned out, in the hands of another director.

The result is a well-executed tale that charts and in the words of the short itself "all the possibilities of you," one that is aided by a coach load of drag queens and the fine work of Gerald McCullouch and Gabriel Romero in the lead roles of Tracey and Gabe. And yet as touching a piece as this is, it equally is a film that alternates between scenes of intense delight and tender lovemaking to moments of foreboding and terror, as it details ... the moment after.
screened as part of the 17th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2003
starring: Gerald McCullouch, Gabriel Romero, Leslie Easterbrook, Joanna Daniels, Tamara Downs,
Lela Lee, Kris Andersson, Clay Adkins, Worthie Meacham, Joe DiGiandomenico, Brad Fisher,
Sal Rendino and Torris Helland as Young Tracey
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