a short film by Seamus Rea
2003 | 11 mins | UK
›› Two Minutes After Midnight
a comical lesson on how the man of your dreams, may not be!
Two Minutes After Midnight by Seamus Rea How many times have you seen it? That of your average guy in the heat of the nightclub beat trying his luck at getting-it-on with the resident hunk, only to be rebuffed seconds later.

Well on this occasion director Seamus Rea delights in turning the situation on its head, by introducing a gay guardian angel who before you can say "nice outfit dear" is doing the ole I'll make your wish come true routine, courtesy of a magic ring that if twisted three times, grants you the ability to change into the wildest sexual fantasy of the man you fancy. And boy, does the Mr Average of the piece, one John, presumably Doe, use that ring.

Two Minutes After Midnight by Seamus Rea In short, this is but a cinematic ploy by which to illustrate how the man of your dreams, may not be the Mr Right you assumed him to be. Or to put it another way and with a cast list that includes Bryan Bale as Leather Man and Dan Tills as Rubber Man, I think you can guess that our boy is in for the odd surprise or two when it comes to the sexual proclivity department.

Well-executed throughout, with Andrew Hinton-Brown and Mark Wakeling on sparking form as the respective John and Angel of the piece, this marks a fine example of just what the short film medium can deliver, in so brief a period of time. Clichéd and somewhat predictable - yes, but guaranteed to bring a smile to your face nonetheless. Only stay tuned to the end, given Rea has added a neat twist, one that just goes to show that the man of your dreams can at times appear, when you least expect. Or to be more precise, at two minutes after midnight!
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courtesy of YouTube: Two Minutes After Midnight - clip

screened as part of the 17th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2003
starring: Andrew Hinton-Brown, Mark Wakeling, Adrian Bouchet, Nigel Shipp, Alex King, Areth McLeod,
Kieron Attwood, Emma Pike, Mike Wells, Bryan Bale, Dan Tills
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