a short film by Teddy Lussi-Modeste
2004 | 20 mins | France
›› Embrasser Les Tigres - Kissing Tigers
tensions mount between brothers of opposing sexuality
Embrasser Les Tigres by Teddy Lussi-Modeste Directed and co-written by Teddy Lussi-Modeste, this sharp French short packs a punch in more ways than one, given it charts the aspirations of a kickboxer whose close bond with his brother is put to the test, when he discovers that his elder sibling is not only gay, but has a-liking for casual sex.

With strong performances throughout and inparticular from Louis-Angelo Viss and Antonio Hébrard in the lead roles, this short notably takes a variant approach to the coming out scenario, having chosen to depict the difficulties of being openly gay within the close-knit Grenoble gypsy community of France. And the fact that one of the brothers has chosen a career in the squared circle, only adds to the tension between brothers of opposing sexual orientations.

Yet whilst this work is laced with homophobia, it equally remains a story high on gay content, given it contains one of the most sexually charged monologues in a long time, one that can leave no-one in any doubt as to what the definition of the word 'cruising' is. Violent by nature as you would expect, this powerful short arrives with a surprise twist in its tale, one that just goes to show that some gay men are harder than their straight siblings could ever hope to be!
screened as part of the 19th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2005
starring: Louis-Angelo Viss, Antonio Hébrard, Paulette Debard, Sarah Bertogliati, Peter Prunier,
Jean-Luc Miège, Naghib Haouas, Simon Truchet, Prayat Somboun, Maitre Pock
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