a film by Cesc Gay
2000 | 93 mins | Spain
›› Krámpack - aka Nico & Dani
an engaging depiction of teenage sexual awakening
Krámpack by Cesc Gay Welcome to the world of Nicolas and Daniel, known to each other as Nico and Dani and the best of friends. So close in fact that with his parents away on holiday, Dani has invited Nico over to stay and boy do these teens take advantage of an open house. For they drink, they smoke, but above all they talk about sex, want to have sex - but end up sleeping alone. Or rather in their case sleeping together, along the way giving each other some mutual hand relief - er run that bit by me again!

Between such acts of 'male bonding,' hereafter known as a krámpack, budding mechanic Nico spends his days divided between repairing an old motorbike and chasing after local girl Elena. Unlike aspiring writer Dani, who desperate to avoid the company of her cousin Berta, spends his time fixated on Nico, with his English studies arriving a close second, if that. Only with Nico becoming increasingly aware that his best friends' feelings for him are starting to cross the platonic divide, will their friendship survive such diverging sexual identities?

Krámpack by Cesc Gay Based on the play of the same name by Jordi Sánchez, but with the ages of the characters reduced to reflect adolescent sexual awakening, this spirited Spanish feature delivers a remarkably realistic depiction of the coming-of-age scenario, being notably up front with the desires felt when the innocence of childhood gives way to a sexually developing mind and body. And yet whilst the theme of a krámpack is central to this work, such acts of intimacy are depicted in a matter-of-fact style, shot under wraps as-it-were, so as to make it obvious what is happening, without being in any shape or form sexually explicit.

For here director Cesc Gay has delivered a truly engaging depiction of teenage sexual awakening and along the way, enticed captivating performances from and looking far younger than their years, actors Fernando Ramallo as Dani and Jordi Vilches as Nico, who together perfectly convey the signs of teenage angst mixed with adolescent sexual curiosity. Yet in detailing such, this feature goes out of its way to address a series of moral concerns from the like of spiked drinks and date rape to that of pedophilia, courtesy of time spent with a neighbour of both liberal mind and ways. What is not addressed however, is the return of Dani's parents and that of their reaction to their son's newfound sexuality, come the end of a summer holiday that saw two close friends finally come-of-age; albeit in different areas of the sexual spectrum!
available on DVD as part of the Parasol Pictures catalogue
starring: Fernando Ramallo, Jordi Vilches, Marieta Orozco, Esther Nubiola, Chisco Amado, Ana Gracia,
Myriam Mézières, Mingo Ràfols, Pau Durà, Muntsa Alcañiz
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